Scandinavian Art Pencil Holder

This hand sewn, hand printed zipper pouch is made for your everyday stylish life. It fits a great deal of things and right into your busy shoulder bag. It is soft, durable and perfect for pens, pencils, makeup brushes, makeup pencils...they are simple, stylish and perfect for your everyday bags.The stencil is bold and edgy yet it's sharp, fun and elegant. Canvas is a very durable material and i love to paint on it. Colors are vibrant and bright. I design the stencils and cut them by hand. After that each piece of fabric is printed and sewn. It is a delicate and time consuming process, but the result is amazing. Feels like you carry around a real piece of art. The lining is made out of light cotton textile. This may differ according to the availability and the color combinations.Size: 23X6 cmCotton CanvasMetallic ZipperCotton lining