"Mirror" Sterling Silver 925 Ring

Why carry a compact mirror in your bag when you can Wear it and Look Fabulous? Mirror ring is part of our wax ring collection and it is made entirely of solid silver 925 and has a perfect glossy finish which allows you to admire yourself whenever you feel like it!! First we carve in wax by hand the design we want to create and then we take the accomplished wax jewelry model and cast it in silver 925. Mirror ring is both Modern and Elegant and you can wear it alone or combine it with other rings from our colourful collections in order to make a Bold Statement Look!! You can choose between a variety of sizes. However, in case you do not know your ring size you can send us a message and we will help you find out and create a custom sized ring which will fit you best ❤!! **The size of the ring shown here is 51. All our pieces are custom made to order and require 5-10 business days to production. If you need an item faster, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to accommodate your request as soon as possible.