Keychain with a collectible postal stamp of 1973 with the first man on the moon

Handmade keychain with a collectible postal stamp of 1973. Issued in Ajman of the UAB and shows the first man who landed the moon, the astronaut Edwin Buzz Aldrin.

Length 6.5 cm Width 4 cm. The stamp is glazed on balsa wood and accompanied by embellishments. With your order, you get a note with the story of your stamp. 

"Every stamp has its own story" collection
What is a postal stamp for you? It's a part of a postcard, a memory from a place or something that you like to collect?

Every stamp has its own story. It's design, it's language, it's origin. Some are devoted to history, other to art. Some have portraits, other landscapes.

Little pictures which have traveled in many places all over the world!I'm an adoring collector of postal stamps!

I decided to share a little of their magic with you by creating these keychains. They have real collectible stamps on them which are glazed on a balsa wood piece accompanied by embellishments. I wish you like my idea! Let's choose your stamp!