Humor All Day Bag

This hand printed cotton tote bag is made for your everyday stylish life. The humor "Can't remember my own name" quote on the bag is bold and edgy yet it's sharp and elegant. Actually, it is lyrics we borrowed from a song we love. You can carry it all day long, from morning to evening. It's strong, comfortable and spacious and fits a great deal of things. This reusable tote bag is ideal for carrying books, transporting grocery shopping or for use on any day out. Makes you feel cute and super funny.Canvas is a very durable material and i love to paint on it. Colors are vibrant and bright. As a finished product, it feels like you carry around the city a real piece of art. The Tote Bags are the only items we do not sew by ourselves. They are made by a manufacturer in Thessloniki, Greece.The font and the stencil is designed and cut by "The Ink Job". Each Stencil we design is unique. We print and cut them, then paint each and every piece of accessory by hand. It's a great procedure we love, yet it's tricky and delicate. We use only water based fabric colors, that are water resistant and long lasting.With its clean cut and sharp form, stencils can be both minimal and bold. Black and white or super colorful it still has that vibe that shouts out loud "Urban". It is our perception of the city, that can be both harsh and gentle. As every bag is made by order, choosing a color that fits you (regarding the color of the stencil) is easy. Don't hesitate to contact us and we will inform you for the colors that are available at the time. The Tote bags are the only things we don't sew personally. We collaborate with a factory in Thessaloniki (Greece) that provides us with these very good quality bags. We recommend you clean this handbag with a wet cloth or by gently by hand. Do not wash in the washing machine.*Size: 40x43cm*Durable Beige Cotton Fabric