"From Above" Embroidery Hoop

Round, wooden, natural colour embroidery hoop.The stitching fabric is embroidered with cotton mouline threads and it also contains natural, ceramic, plastic or glass beads of various sizes and textures. The abstract shapes create an interesting composition that flows around the hoop and gets inspiration from the natural elements and natural sceneries. "From Above" is an abstract composition, inspired by the view of the fields and sea from the sky. The breathtaking view of the different natural sceneries combined, as seen from an airplane behind the clouds. The shapes and textures indicate the land and water forms and the various types of vegetation, all of which form a magical image when viewed from above! The embroidery hoop are a great and original decoration idea for yourself, or as a gift to a loved one and can really fit any style of home décor! Size of hoop: 20 cm (diameter)