Felted Woolen Slippers Boots

DESCRIPTION   New Felted wool MALO philosophy male and female slippers has modern design on surface. Easy and quick slip-on function for those who loves jump into favorite woolen sleepers after a long day. Hand felted MALO philosophy slippers has synthetic leather logo. Beautiful, comfy, reasonable pair of pure wool slippers. Felted slippers are packed in personalized bag witch is from recycled fabrics, also handmade too. 

ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGES  I save Earth as well as your finances. Instead of cardboard boxes I using our handmade fabric bags. Simple to carry, storage and travel with.

REST YOUR FEET   New “Malo Philosophy” slippers will help you to rest your feet after long tiring day and outdoor activities. Natural felted wool prevents sweating and massages the feet. Slippers will fit you perfectly fine.

HEALTHY AND NATURAL   Felt making is one of the purest processes in textile industry. Using just hot water and soap. Wool is turned into natural and renewable felt material, which is eco-friendly and almost weightless (only 200grams per pair). Because of the insulation of wool fibers, feet remain cool on a hot day and warm on a cool day. These natural wool slippers could be worn without socks.

AVAILABLE SIZES FOR FELTED SLIPPERS   There are two options available.

1)     Natural woolen sole

2)      Latex


1)     Freshen up your woolen slippers by shaking out crumbled dirt from them. Then suck it up with a vacuum cleaner and leave to ventilate for a while.

2)     Dry clean

3)     Hand wash felted slippers in a warm water with a small amount of means for wool cleaning, and then let woolen footwear to dry naturally in a room temperature.

4)     Do not leave slippers in direct sunlight. It might affect wool color.


MAKING AND SHIPPING FELTED SLIPPERS   I based on individual customer needs. I save Earth’s resourses and start felting only after your order reach me. Usually it takes 10 days to prepare footwear. I use only the most reliable and worldwide shipping companies to send our products.

Live the experience of “Malo Philosophy” …!!!


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