Deco Canvas Print, Weathered Windows

Colourful Canvas Print! Captured in Arki island, which is a small island in Greece. I love the colours left by the old weathered windows of the the tiny village houses.. These window panes tell their own story! This canvas is made with care! Here’s how: Photo is printed with high quality on canvas fabric made of cotton 100%, which then is stretched onto a wooden frame 2x2 cm, ready for wall hanging. All materials (inks, wood) are odourless. Suggested dimensions (cm) : 50*35, 20*30, 80*60, 100*70, as well as any other dimension of your choice, available upon request. In the presentation photo the canvas print has dimensions of 60*80. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me! Careful packaging for safe delivery to your place. All Serendipity products are created in sunny Greece. But don't forget: We ship worldwide! No frontiers! 😉🌐 All Serendipity products are created with love and passion by people for people - they are not an outcome of a mass production. Therefore, please justify any individual imperfections detected, such as small millimeter deviations from the stated dimension or traces of the cutting work of the materials on the back. Enjoy your canvas!