Anna tote bag

Anna Wintour , the legendary Editor in Chief of the American Vogue was the inspiration of this tote.This is a unique,versatile,stylish and eco friendly tote.I create bags ,that are not boring and can be harmonically combined with the total styling.They can be valuable accessories,that can be worn on all possible occasions(casual outings,workdays,shopping,trips).They can be folded and placed into your bag or can be used as your everyday carry on bag.As they have a long lifetime ,they are the best way to replace plastic bags.The totes are 100% cotton,hand painted with textile colours,that are not fading.There are washable.No colour transfer.Note: The print is not a stamp,so some differences in the colours may occur ,when the print is repeated for a new order.Care: If your whole bag needs a bit of a wash,then I advise hand washing it.Use your regular washing powder.Gentle scrub your bag.Machine washing is not recommended,because the wash and spin cycle can alter the colour and quality of the print.Dimensions: 37×42cmMaterial:100%Colour:Natural