Abstract Print Hoop

Printed by hand this embroidery hoop brightens up your everyday living. Using the urban technique of stencil we created this funky ornament that makes our home living space a little less boring, a little more fun. The Stencil for the print is created and cut by "The Ink Job". The color combination and the pattern is bright and impressive.The fabrics we use are of a really high quality, just to make sure that your amazing statement piece will last for as long as possible. The off white canvas on this embroidery hoop is really resilient and eye catching.The stencil for the pattern is designed and cut by "The Ink Job". Each Stencil we design is unique. We print and cut them, then paint each and every piece of accessory by hand. It's a great procedure we love, yet it's tricky and delicate. We use only water based fabric colors, that are water resistant and long lasting. With its clean cut and sharp form, stencils can be both minimal and bold. Black and white or super colorful it still has that vibe that shouts out loud "Urban". It is our perception of the city, that can be both harsh and gentle. The colors are so vibrant and the stencil so edgy that this can be the ultimate statement piece of your space.The Hoop is made out of natural wood.Perfect for wedding favors, place settings, or just to hang on your wall! (Price can be adjusted if buying in bulk for weddings)*Natural Wood Embroidery Hoop (diameter cm)*Natural Beige Burlap*13cm Diameter
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