One girl at a time 

Inspired by our own struggles, challenges and unique barriers we had to face as women in pursuit of social and political equality we want to support continuing efforts to pave the way for equal rights and equal access to opportunities.
We aim to nurture and empower girls and women around the world to be their strongest selves, to not be afraid to stand out from the crowd, to follow their dreams, to become the heroine to their own story.
Entoama was founded with the primary directive of giving back to the community, 10% of our profits go directly to supporting women: whether that may be socially, economically, through education initiatives, scholarships and more.
From the information that we share on social media with our followers to our scholarship fund, every time you buy something from one of our crafters, you are supporting women’s empowerment.
We are committed to helping girls rise into strong, powerful, fierce women. We are committed to helping women overcome hardships of life and rise into leaders. We are committed to becoming a driving force that will always support female empowerment with words accompanied by actions.
Whether you’re a crafter or a customer, thank you for every time you took a stand to support a girl at school, a woman at work, a female that needed an ally at some point in her life. Every action we take towards women’s empowerment makes this world a better place!

Entoama votes

The women of Entoama are asking everyone to sign the petition and better inform the Greek government that periods are NOT a luxury and demand change.