What is Entoama?

Entoama means together.

Our name means together in Ancient Greek, which is why we created a community that welcomes all sellers and customers that want to take a small step to make a big difference.

Entoama is a virtual marketplace.

Entoama is the social marketplace that connects you with crafters and customers from all over the world.Dreamt up during the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to create a space where crafters could share their stories far and wide through their products, and where customers could virtually experience other cultures,shopping handcrafted products tailored to their taste and needs while virtually “meeting” the artisan.

Entoama is a vision.

“As I moved forward, I felt the need to look around me and behind me and see who needed my help.” This is the foundation that Entoama is built on. CEO and founder Laureta Gjata wanted to create a company that lifted women up while bringing all of us closer together.

Born in Elbasan Albania, Laureta and her family fled to Athens, Greece in 1997 when the Albanian Civil War made their living conditions unsafe. Laureta was raised with the understanding that women were meant to get married and stay home with their children, not to get educated, travel or experience the world. Overcoming what society (and even those closest to her) said was the norm, Laureta left Greece, moving to Madrid, then Paris and eventually New York City, where she now resides.

Because of her experiences, Laureta has a deep sense of wanting to give other women more opportunities. Women are constantly told to be strong and move on, but if we are always moving on without looking back to the women who also need our help, nothing will ever be fixed — and so Entoama was born.

Entoama is a company operated by women, working for the empowerment of women.

Laureta then shared her vision with Christine Davou (who managed to bring that vision to life, no matter how big that vision seemed) and the women who would all become Entoama’s dream team. The team was inspired and motivated by their own struggles with sexism and misogyny. As women who are growing, evolving and working for an opportunity for a better future, they decided to leverage their stories and strength to give the same opportunity to other women and girls in the world.

Entoama is a company founded on giving back.

Entoama was founded with the primary directive of giving back to the community, 10% of our profits go directly to supporting women: whether that may be socially, economically, through education initiatives, scholarships and more.

From the information that we share on social media with our followers to our scholarship fund, every time you buy something from one of our crafters, you are supporting women’s empowerment.



Laureta Gjata, Founder/CEO

Challenge seeker, luckiest wife alive, learning-to-be patient mom, abnormal interest in gossip, passionate supporter of women.


Sasa Drogouti, Cofounder /Creative director

Lucky mum, food lover, traveler, incurably optimistic, bookworm, artist. My commitment to leave the world a better place than I found it.

Evelina Nikoliza, Cofounder /Marketing Specialist

Social media enthusiast , dogperson , Midnight snacker, I like to stop and smell the rose.

Kate Christopoulou , Marketing Director,

Avid traveller, wandergirl, politically correct political lover. There’s no better push than the pushing of your boundaries!

Christine Davou, Storytelling designer

Loves the smell of a new book, sweet-toothed, detail-freak, korean dramas’ binge watcher “When everything goes wrong, laugh about it”.

Anastasia Charalampopoulou ,Customer Service Director

Family girl, honest, love hanging out with friends. Fashion addict. Very social ,I like to travel to new places and feel different cultures. I like talking a lot even to myself sometimes.


Enkeleda Seferi, Cofounder/Office Manager

Mom of 3, freakishly organized, loyal to the people in my life and I love to travel.

Elena Frolka, Seller Recruiter

Child of the world, wanderlusted, animal-lover, embracing and supporting every type of diversity, being both: a hopeful romantic and cautious realist.