About us

Entoama was envisioned by four friends during the unprecedented times of the 2020 quarantine. As avid users of social media, passionate travelers and lovers of local cultures and crafts, we decided to bring the thrill of walking in and out of small local shops while exploring the story of unique handcrafted items to the online world.

As women who have fought to get to where we are today, we understand the struggle many women face. As women who grew, evolved and worked for an opportunity for a better future, we want to leverage our stories and strength to give the same opportunity to other women and girls in the world. Entoama is a company operated by women, working for the empowerment of women.

Entoama is a community that welcomes all sellers and customers that want to take a small step to make a big difference. Entoama is the social marketplace that will help you escape to the farthest corners of the earth, empowering one girl at a time.

What is Entoama you ask?

It’s about you, our crafters... supporting you into sharing your stories and cultures through your products. Everything starts with you! Your creations are a part of you; they represent your personal stories, your cultures, your struggles, and the way you express yourself. We want our customers to know who is the master behind the product, who does all the work that goes into creating each piece of art. We want to meet you and so do our customers.

It’s about you, our customers... creating an online space for you to virtually travel around the world and handpick unique products. Have you recently been reminiscing about that small local shop that blew you away during your latest travels? So have we. We understand your wanderlust, we feel it too! We can’t help you travel the world, but we can bring the world’s shops into your home. We want you to fully immerse yourself in this wonderful experience; shopping handcrafted products tailored to your taste and needs from the comfort of home while virtually “meeting” the artisan.

It’s about all of you who believe in women’s empowerment... giving back to a cause has never been more fulfilling.

Whether you’re a crafter or a customer, thank you for every time you took a stand to support a girl at school, a woman at work, a female that needed an ally at some point in her life. Every action we take towards women’s empowerment makes this world a better place! At Entoama, we pledge to support non-profit organizations with a mission to better the lives of women and girls everywhere. The platform will be donating ..% of every purchase to one of the following organizations …. (organization’s names). Every seller that chooses to, will also be offering …% of their earnings to one of these organizations. By purchasing a product for you or for a loved one, you will be helping us change a woman’s life forever.